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be Here

We are so excited to begin 2023-2021. This page provides important information to assist you in transitioning into the new year. Fall 2023 classes begin August 5th.

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be Safe

FSU is committed to offering safe and engaging academic instruction; On campus and online. We offer personal health protection, campus modifications and effective and engaging online learning.

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be Strategic

Fayetteville State University’s Strategic Plan, New Challenges, Bold Promises, is our road map through 2025. Building on our many strengths, the plan focuses our energies and resources on strategies that will position the university for continued success.

Are you looking for a traditional HBCU experience? You've come to the right place. Explore FSU and find that our whole campus is for you.
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Online Programs
FSU has proudly received national rankings in several online degree programs. Find out how to join one of our flexible programs.
Many of our students start out somewhere else but find FSU to be the right fit for them in the end. Learn how we can be a fit for you.


We can set you on the path to your career. Find out about all of the programs we offer.


Whether you're juggling classes, royal court, or a sorority or fraternity, at Fayetteville State, you gain the traditional HBCU experience. Learn more about the Freshman experience!

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Heroes Welcome!

“To have the opportunity to enjoy the four-year college experience, along with the convenience of FSU … it made my decision easy.”


During his days at FSU, alumnus Dr. Richard Watkins was a Chancellor’s Scholar and football player. Now he is a recognized virologist and scientist who earned a doctorate in microbiology and immunology from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
Interview with UNC Public Radio


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Tropical Storm Warning

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COVID-19 Testing on FSU's campus

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Fayetteville State University Receives Cares Act Funding Grant from U.S. Department of Commerce

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Fayetteville State University Welcomes Class Of 2024 Starting July 30

Dr. Shanessa Fenner interviews Congressman John Lewis

Fulbright Scholarship Interest Meeting

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Fayetteville State University's Back to School Town Hall Meetings for Students and Parents

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Faculty Forum – FSU Chancellor Search

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Ahmahd Moore Wins First-Ever HBCU Heroes E-Sports Competition

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